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Essential Feng Shui® Consultations


Prior to your consultation, I will request a questionnaire from you just to get to know you better. We will talk by phone to discuss your needs, schedule the consultation, and answer any questions you may have.  

Your consultation will include:      

    • An evaluation of your property to determine surrounding elements that affect you and your family, overall features of neighborhood, street configuration, adjoining properties, neighbors, building shape, and property shape.    
    • Landscaping evaluation to determine Ch’i flow 
    • Application and evaluation of the Bagua Map to the property. 
    • Time to discuss your goals, explain my findings, and answer your questions. 
    • Evaluation of all areas of the structure, including but not limited to: Front entrance, furniture placement, balance of the Five Elements, ch’i flow, lighting, art, colors, room usage, beams and architectural anomalies.  
    • A detailed room by room report of suggestions and recommendations.
    • A gift copy of The Western Guide To Feng Shui by Terah Kathryn Collins
    • You will receive a packet of Essential Feng Shui® reference materials and handouts. 
    • Unlimited phone and email support within 30 days.
    • If desired, a return visit within 30 days to review progress and fine-tune.




    Clutter Coaching

    Clutter can have a profound affect on us both emotionally and
    physically. You may feel tired, unproductive and overwhelmed.
    Whatever is around you in your home environment, is a mirror to your
    inner self. When we work to remove clutter, the fresh flow of energy
    and balance in your environment will create more harmony in your life
    and opens the space for wonderful new opportunities to come to you.

    Energy Space Clearings

    Sometimes homes and rooms hold stagnant or stuck energy from clutter, illness, sadness or emotional upset. When this happens, a room can feel heavy or uncomfortable to be in. Many times, a good cleaning and clear out can make a difference, but when energetic vibrations go deeper, a space clearing will help.

    Drawing from several traditions, I carefully cleanse the room using sound, light, fresh air and natural fragrance. You have the option of participating with me or leaving while I perform this process. When complete, the energy will have shifted. You’ll feel the difference and enjoy the renewed energy and balance.

    House Blessings

    Since the beginning of time, blessings of dwellings have been a part of all cultures. Your home, which shelters you everyday, deserves to be blessed, honored and celebrated. Together with your family and friends,
    we can create a meaningful ritual full of intention and blessings. Consider holding a house blessing as a house warming, at the birth of a child, a marriage, divorce or other personal transition.

    Schedule Your Consultation Today

    Don’t hesitate another day! Schedule your consultation today for your home or office and see the effects for yourself!

    “May I be peaceful and at ease
    May my home be filled with loving kindness

    May it be a safe haven
    May I be happy

    At home, in the present moment.”

    -Jack Kornfield

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