At HomeSuiteHome, I help you turn your home into a supportive, restful sanctuary.

Since 2004, I’ve worked with many people as they downsize, transition, buy a new home, or fall in love again with the home they have. My work is more than decorating; I’ve seen firsthand how choosing new colors, rearranging furniture, and releasing the old have made my clients feel better in their home. My mission is to assist you in creating an environment that is beautiful, peaceful, and functional, but most importantly, a home that enriches and supports you and your family in the best possible way. Currently a student with The Western School Of Feng Shui, I am working toward earning certification as a Practitioner of Feng Shui in the very near future.

You deserve to have a happy, beautiful, and healthy home.

Beautiful spaces are much more than pretty things in a room, a beautiful space should make you feel amazing, too.

I create spaces that feel as amazing as they look by aligning the energy with the ascetics utilizing the art of Feng Shui, the result takes your space to the ultimate level of personal satisfaction and provides you a serene escape.

I was transitioning to a smaller apartment and have very discerning taste. Carmen helped me find the perfect accessories and art work in the span of one afternoon of shopping. I was surprised at how easily it all came together. I’m delighted with the outcome!

Jeanine R.,

San Antonio, Texas

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