Feng shui

What Can We Create?

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Simply Put

Feng Shui is

based on an ancient Chinese philosophy which teaches us that when the five elements of nature are in a home or business, the results are a positive blend of harmony, balance and prosperity. Those five elements represented in colors and shapes are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Just as Chinese medicine is based on the flow of energy (Ch’i) in our bodies, our environment contains energy which is affected by color, doorways, stairs, furniture, lighting and accessories. This Ch’i energy will affect your emotional and physical well being. For example, if you are having difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, we would take a good look at your bedroom to see if mirrors, electronics, art work, or the position of your bed is disrupting your sleep. Many times, a simple adjustment can make a huge difference.


What I Can Do

Mindful Design

With Feng Shui, I can help bring balance into all the rooms in your home to create a calm, peaceful space.

Energy Clearing

I can help rid a room negative energy, creating a space that is both balanced and enjoyable to be in.

Shopping Assistance

Not sure what will work in your space? You and I can work together to find just the right fit.

I was transitioning to a smaller apartment and have very discerning taste. Carmen helped me find the perfect accessories and art work in the span of one afternoon of shopping. I was surprised at how easily it all came together. I’m delighted with the outcome!

Jeanine R.

I love spending time in my office! Carmen changed my furniture arrangement and suggested some inexpensive ways to add peace and tranquility to my office. My clients noticed the tranquility right away; our sessions seemed to flow more easily.

K. Balcer

Personal Coaching, Spiritual Counseling - Austin, TX